Friday, November 16, 2012

Reasons why I love Zero...

Cats are lovable.
I know this.
Cats or kittens that are rescues I find to be all the more lovable.
I've learned this.

There are so many reasons that I love Zero, I thought I wanted to let them be known. (I shouldn't be selfish with my love, or reasons for loving him, so here goes...)

  • He has never been, not one day in his life, scared of the vacuum. 
It may sound silly, but living with a household of cats who scatter and act as if the world has ended each time I try to pick up their hair from the floor with the "loud, scary machine", it's refreshing to meet a cat who is able to sit in one place as you vacuum around them, watching with curiosity and interest, not fear. 

  • His little tail reminds me of a bunny's tail.
It is so cute and I swear it is getting cuter. It's just a nub. A smaller nub than Gorri's tail (and his name means tail in Korean!) and it sort of curls up. The hair seems to have a cowlick so that it feathers around in a circle at the end. I love his tail.

  • Zero drinking water.
When Zero couldn't see at all, before his little eye rose from the unknown, I would put a few pieces of food into his water dish so that his mouth would hit the food first. Too many times Zero had not known what level the water was at and got a good face dunking, walking away sneezing and disgruntled. Eventually, Zero learned a method of drinking water on his own and even though he can see today, he still dips his little paw into the cup or water bowl to test the level of he water, a few times, until he is confident. It is so cute to watch. 

  • Zero running.
Zero runs like a little horse. He trots across the floor as a horse would. I remember the first time I noticed it, it seemed as if he was skipping, with diagonal legs moving in unison. 
I wish I could see him do this again. I haven't seen him move quickly in days. 

  • He was always the most welcoming to a new cat.
When Callie came, Zero was first to cuddle up to her and invite her to join in on the bed. 
Just look at them together...
(larger photo coming soon)

More tomorrow.... 

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  1. And we love them because they are themselves and every animal whose life intersects with ours makes us better and enriched by their time with us.