Friday, November 9, 2012

Parker is here.. but Parker is leaving..

Here is Hana today, looking so pretty and hoping for a forever home with a family who really loves her and can give her their everything! Isn't she the sweetest?

 Another Glamour Shot fo Hana. She has the prettiest belly.

But there is someone else we need to welcome to this blog today. 

His name is Parker. Last Sunday we went for a walk in the park and saw some bunnies.
Then we saw some kitties eyeing those bunnies up for dinner. (Bunnies are too fast, good for the bunnies, bad for the starving kitties). Well, one particular kitty came away from the colony and didn't seem to have a care in the world, other than to play with the twig my husband had picked up. 

After a minute of play, he just reached down and picked up the kitten. 
So ... here he is. "Parker" from the park. 

As usual we went straight to the vet and he was checked for ear mites, stomach bacteria and other ailments that are visible. He got an overall clean bill of health. 
Lucky guy. Our vet was laughing, she said she had a hard time hearing his heartbeat because he was purring so loudly and so much.
What a guy. 
Timid? No way. Parker seems that he was  born to be an inside kitty. I 
think sometimes they know and then they know how to find us. 
It was a flip of a coin decision to go to the park and not a museum that Sunday. 

I put Parker up on the rescue website here in Korea Animal Rescue Korea and within two day, had an email with someone who wants to meet him tomorrow! A husband and wife. 
I think Parker will make the perfect Thanksgiving kitty.
I'm sad not to get more time with him, but I'm glad he can start his new life right away! 

Isn't he the cuteset? He has a very quiet voice that barely makes a sound when he 
tries to cry. He is content to simply lay with you and he loves to play.
Perfect kitten. 

Just like Hana and Zero. Now, let's move on to finding their forever homes!!
Wish me luck! 

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