Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas came early... I'm not complaining.

So I decieded that I wanted Zero to get a chance to experience Christmas.

I have always shared Christmas with my cats and spoiled them as you would a chubby, sweet baby. Each cat has a stocking that gets filled with catnip, a new toy, some yummy treats and whatever else that particular cat enjoys sans a live mouse.

I thought it a shame that Zero might pass over the Rainbow Bridge and not know the spoils of Christmas.

Well, not on my watch.

Friday night I came home bursting with excitement as I had just stopped at the vet for the weekends supplies.

Catnip, check.
New toy, check.
Tasty treats, check.

We are ready to roll.

I even got a can of special fancy feast for part two of the weekend, but you will read about that in a bit..
First, Christmas.

I used some candy cane ribbon to wrap bows around his gifts and dug into the storage closet for the small, spare Christmas tree that we used years ago in our tiny one room apartment. The miniture tree that gave us two years of fond memories and Christmas cheer before we moved to our current apartment.

Testing the clear, automated lights I was pleased that they worked and I didn't have to fuss with finding the burnt out bulb. (Zero didn't want to wait for that).

Zero watched attentively as I helped him untie the ribbon to reveal his surprise! 

Not only was Christmas coming early this year, but we were celebrating another wonderful day. An early first birthday to Zero. He deserves all of this celebration and I hope that he goes feeling that he had a full life. 

Here are some birthday photos!

 A little bit of pre-party love from Biya!

Here is everyone enjoying the birthday Feast! 

Zero finished first of course..  but he did enjoy it! 

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