Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 2: Celebrating Zero

(Zero and Hana curled up today. He's using her as a pillow.)

So today is Wednesday. It was Monday night when we were told that Zero didn't simply have pneumonia. Wow... I didn't think pneumonia was simple until I was met with FIP.

So today Zero seemed to be himself. I was on the phone with my mom and telling her how well I thought he was doing. How if I didn't know, I might not know.

But then this evening, I noticed how skinny he seemed to be getting while I was petting him. Just after dinner I lay down next to him on the bed, he was snuggling with Biya (to my surprise Biya was being a lovely lady). I can feel his spine and vertebrate more than usual. More than I ever remember. 

At least he was happy with Biya! Aren't they cute?

But then I noticed that it seemed that his breathing was becoming a little deeper than earlier in the day.

I was a little late giving him the pill from the vet, maybe this would subside after the pill has taken affect? Whatever affect it was supposed to have?

I hate to see him seemingly not feeling well.

Now, since it's only been 2 days, I guess I'm going to have to face a certain reality sooner than I had hoped.

I love this little guy too much to see him suffer.

Hope tonight is a good night and tomorrow is a better day.

I'm thinking of maybe popping into the vet for a quick weight check and to see if there is another accumulation of fluid.

Paws crossed for tomorrow to be a good day!

Zero, I love you.

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