Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A first.

Today Zero fell asleep in my arms. The kind of sleep where a kitten burry's their head in your arm and wraps their paw around it. Yea, that kind of sleep.

I knew I was going no where for a while.

He's so cute.

Then he woke up. I love this little man.. 

So does Gorri.. 

Hana and Zero are getting bigger and more lovable daily it seems. These two kittens have someone coming to meet them next week to see if they are a good match for a forever home. PAWS CROSSED!

I will hate to say "goodbye" but we can't rescue any other kittens until Zero and Hana find a home. Our house is too crowded. I have spotted a few kittens in the neighborhood and I'd love to try and grab one or two before the cold weather sets in for good.

In the meanwhile...
Here are some updated photos of Zero and Hana!

We look like angels sleeping... 

"I'm cute!"

"Even from a different angle"

"Or looking like this!'

"Or this... "

"And aren't I handsome? "

"Goodnight! "