Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Can't a man just have a cave to himself?

This week we brought out our big, thick comforter. The temperatures have dropped and I was freezing but now I am warm and toasty! And so is Zero.

He has been loving sleeping and nesting under the comforter. It's his own little man cave.

Can you see him? It's hard to photograph him when he is nestled up in his man cave but he is there 75% of the day now. And when he isn't there, he is eating and eating and eating. 

It makes me happy to see him eat so much. 

His "Man Cave"

I have to say how surprised I am at how well Zero is doing. I really thought I was going to loose him a lot quicker by the initial progression of this disease. I thought, days, maybe weeks. 

Now Zero is changing my mind a little.
He is gaining some weight (I hope it's not water weight) and hardly seems to be struggling to breathe anymore. It's only when I have to snatch him up to give him his pill that I notice a little labor in his breath afterwards. 

So here's to Zero meeting the real Christmas. Even though our mini-Christmas was fun! 


  1. Eating and sleeping is good! Such happy pics of Zero.

    As for our new hens, 5 are in their house and run in the garden and one little lady, called Russet has a bad leg, is on painkiller (Metacam) and living indoors with us. She was very frightened on Sunday but now is starting to talk to us.


  2. Great to hear Julie! Sounds like there are lucky animals all over the world! I'm excited about Zero's weight gain and high spirits!

  3. Here's to Zero continuing to be one of the few that fight FIP. If he wants to sleep on your lap than that's the most useful thing you can do!When we sit down anywhere Trajan, the Maine Coon, just appears on your lap; padded, heated cushions for cats, that's what we are.

    As for the little hen with the bad leg, it turned out to be a broken femur, but I have a good vet and she's set the leg and strapped it up. So Russet will be a house chicken until after Christmas. The large box where she's living (to stop her trying to move on the broken leg) is just where we put the Christmas tree; Russet will have her own mini jungle soon!