Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet the kitties...

The house has been quiet. Not a bad quiet, but I can notice a difference since Zero left us. Our two Siamese, Gorri and Biya have been loving the little bit of extra attention fewer cats provides, but I can tell from Biya's behavior, she is a little bored and lonely.

While I have some extra time freed up since the "lap occupation" of Zero I am going to begin to take a look back at all of the kitties that we have had the pleasure of meeting and rescuing.

There stories are all so different, and each one was so special.

I will begin by first, making a list of the kitties, so I don't forget anyone.

Let's see, I think it began in 2009? Must have been in late winter/early spring.

The first two kitties came from a shelter. We couldn't bear to leave them there.

Teddy (a fluffy little boy) and Kara (looked like she was wearing mascara).

Then.. Teddy we don't know what happened to him, he escaped from his foster home.

Teddy -?
Kara = Meko- Sarah Snyder (USA)
Daisy = Beatrice- Na **
Outside cat- Korean woman
Mamma, orange, gray baby = Tai Lung- Korean man, Brett and Korean girlfriend
Homer = Chingu- Tessa (USA)
Sweetie Petey + litter of babies- Kate ** (??)
Sunday- Kiran  **, (returned) Korean girl
Dirty- Caitlin ** (eventually USA)
Blackie, Hissy, Scotter, Carmel = Bunny, Boots, ? , XX– MM, Amanda **, Matt  (USA, USA, eventually USA)
Big mama- Korean girl
Pepper- XX
Merry- XX
Wilcox= Feivel – Heather *** (eventually USA)
Zero and Hana- XX, Jasmine
Callie- Matthew (Military family, eventually USA)
Parker= Gus- John and Brittney (eventually USA)
January- XX

I'll be pulling up photos and covering each cat, post by post, story by story. 

Stay tuned! 

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  1. It's a good list and more will come!

    I have started a list with photos of our rescued hens - you've reminded me to update it over he school holidays.