Friday, March 15, 2013

It's been a while

It's been a while since I've posted to this blog, not to make excuses, but we are expecting our first child (due at the end of August) and our house has been so quiet with only our two cats. I am waiting for some very old photos of the first couple cats and kittens we saved to be safely removed from my archaic, barely hanging on, makes strange buzzing and beeping noises when I turn it on and throughout usage, 2005 Mac Book so that I can begin the promised process of paying homage and tribute to all of the kitties that we have rescued since we began in 2009.

I worry that if I don't have patience and wait for my husband to make the time to safely move the photo files (I think there were over 4,000 images to be preserved and emancipated) and I try myself, I might just do the wrong thing and loose all of the photos I still have stored on that dinosaur of a laptop.

Once this is completed, and I promise it will happen by mid-April, I will begin the reminiscent journey through kitty rescue tales.

One other thing I suspect may happen soon (or by mid-summer) is the rescuing of some new friends. Every female cat that I take care of outside in our neighborhood is bloated with babies right now. It's almost spring, the weather is a bit kinder and they are all outside during the day sunning themselves, belly's out and I know, after the first month or so that they will keep the babies safely hidden from humans, those babies will begin to let themselves be seen. I think this might be a very large kitten season, I know of at least 5 pregnant moms out there and I know there are more in our neighborhood alone. That makes for at least 10-20 kittens by summer! We might be able to help out and home one or two, if they let us.

Till next time, I will continue to grow our own baby while the cats outside are growing theirs!

(Oh my if you could only hear my boy cat snoring right now!! He could wake a sleeping bear with that racket!)


  1. Yes, more kittens will arrive and you will have your hands full again. I know you won't worry about bringing your new baby into a cat-filled household, but anyway, here's our story.
    When my elder son was born I would leave him asleep with an old rescued tabby cat, Winston, sitting beside him while I worked on writing letters for a conservation charity in the next room. If the baby woke the old cat would get up and come & get me.
    When both boys were babies they slept in a cot at the foot of our bed & during the day the cats would seek sanctuary from babies & toddlers by jumping in there to snooze. No-one caught any horrible diseases, no baby was smothered & the boys grew up loving & respecting all animals.
    Congratulations and hope everything goes smoothly.

  2. YAY! Congrats on the baby! Hanna is doing great!