Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A new baby! Just two Weeks old!

I will post more later, but "Boxer" is here. Since I am living in South Korea right now, I'm going to post more later after all this has settled over the weekend. 

So here is Boxer! 

Boxer came to us after much deliberation.

 I have been taking care of a family of cats since last July. I had noticed a mother near our apartment nursing 5 babies outside a nearby apartment. They were too young to take away from her but as soon as they grew some, they were too afraid of me.  After a month or so there were only 3 babies. I walked past the place they lived everyday under an overhang of an apartment. So from last July until this very day I have been feeding them. The mom has moved on and I still feed her closer to my building. The 3 litter mates come to me when I click my tongue and meet me at 7:30 every morning when I am walking past to go to work. They love their big breakfast. There is an all black male, a beautiful tabby (I think male) and a sweet, petite, white and tabby girl. 

Here is Tabby on the path I walk next to the building he lives under.

Little mommy looking at me through the trees.  


Little Mommy (Boxer's mom) eating cat food. 

 Blacky, walking in the snow. He reminds me so much of Zero and they were about the same age. Blacky has so much personality and makes me laugh. He runs so fast when I call to him and comes right up to my hand to eat, though he would hiss and scratch if I tried to touch him. 

Tabby, hanging out after eating out of the dish of food I give him everyday. 
I hate to see them in the winter, but these 3 siblings stuck it out together and never left each other. They are almost 1 year old and still spend all their time together. It's a strong bond I haven't seen with cats on the street. 

More to come.... 

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