Friday, January 4, 2013

January came and went

We had made minimal progress. Last nights feedings were lacking enthusiasm and he was not showing much strength, instead showing difficulty balancing himself to sit up or walking. He was a little wobbly. But, at our last feeding around midnight, I gave him a little tickle rub on the belly and he gave us his first PURR! I was so happy and thought for sure this is a good sign. He was splayed out on his back and seemed to be more comfortable. He was taking in what we were giving him from the syringe but not really eating well on his own. I think this was his first experiences with solid foods. Maybe he had just lost his mommy hours before I found him.

Anyhow, we went to bed feeling positive.

Jaywon woke up around 7 am to check on him (on a Saturday? That's unheard of!) and he was alive and had moved from one side of his enclosure to the other side. He is warm and toasty from the heating blanket and seemed to be alright. He was crying a little, I think calling for his mommy and letting us know he was a little scared and nervous.

I checked again on him around 8 and again at 9 am. Both times he was still weak, but wagging his tail as I held him and looked into his eyes. January was not so willingly consuming what I was feeding him from the syringe, but I wanted to get that little body fed and the vet had said to have him eat every four hours.

After 30 minutes of holding and attempts at feeding, I put him back onto the blanket to rest.

I heard him crying again 20 minutes later from the other room and just had to check on him. I went in and he had moved again. I picked him up and held him up in my arms and looked in the mirror with him. Then he made a retching sound.

I placed him down on his heating blanket and he promptly threw up a foul smelling fluid. Then I noticed a little poop had also come out. I know these signs. Jaywon and I gently pet him as his little body quivered and his tongue became glued to the roof of his mouth. He stiffened up and quivered one last time and then his eyes went black. At least he had a warm, loving home to pass in, rather than in a cold, lonely pile of leaves.

I'm glad January entered my life no matter how short of a time he spent with us. 

The winter is so hard on the young kittens, in the past, we have lost 2 other winter kitty rescues. One named Pepper, we lost around 11/11/11 and then around that Christmas we went to a shelter and took a baby and named it Merry. She didn't make it very long either. 

I can keep trying and sharing my warm home though! 

RIP little January. 

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  1. Poor little mite, but you're quite right, what you are achieving with each life that you make more comfortable and cared for is worth every minute they spend with you. We all have to remind ourselves we can't save every rescue we take in, but we try.