Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Well it's become apparent that Zero is having much more difficulty walking than he was a few days ago.
He's walking a few steps, stumbling, sitting down so that he doesn't have to stumble anymore and having a difficulty getting in and out of his litter box.
When I came home from dinner with a friend this evening there was some kitty urine in the area where he was under the blankets in his cave, ( I love that the in the past few days he brought back his little kitty cave).
I just helped him go to the litter box, carrying him to the litter box, putting him in and taking him out and when I put him down on the ground he had a hard time getting stable on his back legs.
Then he took a few steps, sort of fell over and then rolled on his back. He looked up at me with a look that said "I meant to do that".

He still purrs every time I give him a little kisses on his head and on his body so I don't know when it will be the right time to let him go. 

I don't I know if he is in any pain and I really hope that he isn't, but I also don't want his life to become too stressful for uncomfortable.
We are so lucky to have had such a long time with Zero since finding out about his FIP. I have to appreciate that and know that I have appreciated every day with him.

Paws crossed for Zero!

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  1. You'll know, when he becomes incontinent and isn't happy with life any more, then it will be the time to act. But your little man has had and is still having a good life with you, he could never have hoped for that before you found him and Hana. He's still purring, so he's still happy. Every day is precious. Just love.