Friday, June 15, 2012

Zero and Hana are growing and maturing so quickly. It's been about 3 weeks, almost 4 since we found them. Time passes so quickly, I can't believe it when I say it. Zero has had a big hard belly for about a week, making him seem so bottom heavy with a small head and two skinny arms, but he is finally balancing out and growing more proportionate. His belly is softening and he seems to be getting longer.

Characteristically, Zero doesn't like being picked up. He grabs onto anything under him with his little, sharp claws. If he is one a blanket or towel up it goes.
I can imagine two legitimate reasons for this. One, almost every time he was picked up after being rescued, he was given eye drops or medicine and didn't like either very much. Hence, being picked up equates a serving of something uncomfortable. For this reason, I have spent time picking him up just to hug or pet him, but it doesn't seem to change his current tendency.
The second reason I can imagine is that since he is utterly blind it must be terrifying to feel lifted into the air and not knowing where your surroundings are or where the constant floor below you has gone.
I will continue to pet him and show him love so that hopefully he will gain confidence and not fear the unknown. Being a blind kitty, he will encounter new and unknown things all the time.

Hana is doing wonderful and is such a sweet girl. When I pick her up and hug her she is so soft and fluffy. She just sits in my arms and reaches her head up to bring her nose close to my mouth and sniffs as if she is giving me little kisses. She has a small, muffled purr that I find endearing compared to the rough, loud and rowdy purr of Gorri, our large, male Siamese. Gorri could wake the devil with his purr.
Hana has been showing us little signs of wanting to be out in the house with our other cats. She sits at the glass door staring in, as Zero plays behind her unaware of a door or the world beyond it.
Soon enough, as they finish the last few days of the skin medication and cream applications,  we will open the door and let them share the house with us for a few hours a day. I am concerned about opening up such a new world to Zero yet, but the challenge may be good for him and Hana is definitely ready.

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