Sunday, June 24, 2012

The amazing Zero!

He’s the one that’s blind. He must know his own limitation, above anyone else and do what he feels he is capable of doing. He will know when to stop or not to do something. He must have amazing natural instincts. Recently he has been crawling up in to our bookshelf and becoming lost to us. We have been letting Hana and Zero out into the main living area of the apartment more frequently and we had to search for Zero for an hour last night, unable to find him. While still looking in another area of the house he magically appeared in their room, drinking water and unbeknownst again that we bewildered. We had to search for him a second time and we found him curled up on the bottom shelf of our bookcase.

Tonight, we were following his movements more closely and have found that he likes this second tier, square shelf of our bookcase. Right on top of Moby Dick. Leave it to him to like the classics. He’s a classic kind of guy. 

While Zero was enjoying Moby Dick, here's a look at what Hana was up to...


  1. What a sweet story. Two very lucky kittens. Why is Zero's tail so short?

    1. Zero has just a little nub of a tail. It's common around where I live as I have seen many street cats with short tails or a small nub. I guess it must be genetic!