Saturday, June 2, 2012

They saw the vet again~

To presume that a kitten, as small as Zero and also having a handicap, is going to make it is a little brash.  I was hoping and remaining postive, but trying my hardest not to get too upset when thinking about his odds. It's Monday, Buddha's birthday, and a holiday in Seoul. Our vet is open and Zero and Hana have been with us since Friday night at this point, and are due for their check-up.

Zero has doubled his weight! He has increased from .17kg to .26 kg! And Hana has been doing great, as expected. Our vet gave them both a thorough look over, a little shot of medicine and a clean bill of health with no need to return for a whole month! The two are still too young to have a surgery to completly close up the holes so they are not open to the possiblility of infection. We will probably do that next month. Our vet let us know that Zero's one eye is coming up into the socket from where it had been lodged, but that it is rendered useless. Poor guy, I can look at his pretty blue eye now, but it's cloudy and fogged over. I wonder if it will have to come out?

His update at the vet. (In Korean, but you can see the numbers).

 So, all things considered, this little guy, Zero, is teaching me that no kitten is ever too small or too special to presume that they will make it. I'm going to go ahead and keep presuming~

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