Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's summer. It's hot. Today was the hottest June day in the last 12 years in Seoul. I was lucky to be able to play outside with my students then come home and spend time with my kitties and in the midst of all this summer heat, Zero has been growing white hairs! And his tail, it has turned white and looks like a bunny rabbit's tail! Really, see for yourself! 

Don't mind his skin patch, that's the old fungus all cleared up now and growing in new hair, but dang! Look at that tail! Not to mention Zero has almost completely caught up to his sister in size. What a little gem!

As for Hana, look at how pretty she is!

This is their beloved ball. It has a jingle bell inside it! It is perfect for Zero.

 He just listens to where the bell sound is coming from and runs full speed at it! In this photo he looks sleepy, but incredibly cute! His blue eye can't be seen here... 

But it can be seen here! 

We are going through the difficult talks of what to do next. They could stay with us but that leaves less room in our house for other kitties in need.

So, we are talking about how to find these two the very best home... together!
Nothing should separate these two survivors... So now how do we find that perfect family?

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