Friday, May 17, 2013

One more week with April!

What a cute face!

She found her toes!

April, when she takes a break from playing, loves to sleep on my chest! 

April will be moving in with her new mommy next week! It's going to make the house feel very empty again, but allow us to open up our house to other rescues. April's grandmother (Little mommy's mommy) had a litter about the same time and has two tabby's we just found last week that are about the same size as April and tabby striped the same way, but a bit more brown than gray.

They have come to our doorstep almost with their mom and haven't shown too much fear. The mom will actually close her eyes and nap as I sit in front of her kittens while they eat.

I will post next week, maybe with new kittens but definitely with the farewell to April! 

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  1. Lovely to catch up on April's story. Been out of touch for a while, old pc packed up, new laptop baffling.