Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Mommy is home safe and April is amazing!

So Little mommy was only gone a few days, but I was so relieved when I saw her back again and every day since, eating breakfast with her brothers. I have a feeling a Tom got to her and there is a chance in 60 some odd days we might be meeting another little one of hers.

April is just adorable. She is finally eating wet food and hasn't had a bottle in a few days. She doesn't seem to miss it at all! Also, I feel like she has to eat less frequently now that she is eating solid foods.

April is so funny when she is tired she just walks herself, her tiny, tiny self, over to her bed and takes a nap. Then when she is done she stumbles out on her own, eyes squinted from sleep and walks quietly into the living room.

April is still to small to get up or down from the bed or couch but loves being picked up and played with. She likes to spend hours a day playing now, with us, alone, or with Gorri or Biya. Gorri is a good big brother. Biya could care less about the little girl right now though I see her give April a lick from time to time.

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