Saturday, December 15, 2012

Well yesterday was Hana's big day! 

She spent an hour and a half in the car, bounding down the highway (at times crawling through traffic), to reach her new family.

Hana took the ride pretty well, staying in the carrying case, balanced on my lap, half in-half out as I stroked her fur and whispered to her. During the trip a few times she began to pant (I thought she was experiencing stress) and I pulled her inside my coat to curl up. Then, with only 20 minutes left in the ride, Hana experienced car sickness. She vomited a tiny little bit onto my coat and I just stroked her and helped her get back into the carrier where she wanted to go.

All in all, Hana arrived and had a great first introduction. We we were welcomed into her new home by  her new parents and helped her become acclimated as we talked about any last bits of information.

Her new mom and dad are lovely. I know she will have a great life. Plus, her new sister is being picked up today so she will have  a new sibling!

Here are some photos from the trip.

As for Zero, he has been doing well every day. I know I haven't been keeping up with posting every day but Zero is an amazing little man and I spend lots of time with him on my lap which hinders uploading photos and writing blog posts!

Zero has gained a "healthy" amount of weight back and doesn't exhibit any of his previous symptoms such as heavy, labored breathing, bloating or signs of distress and discomfort.

He is behaving as he did before the diagnosis.

So with noting more to report, here are some updated photos of Zero.

He loves cuddling with his older brother.

Zero is so handsome! 

Gorri and Zero cuddled up. 

Zero is excited for Christmas.. (or at least I think he is!)