Friday, December 21, 2012

It's almost Christmas

As I'm sitting here by the Christmas tree, with Zero on my lap as I knit and savor my early Saturday morning coffee, I think back to this week and how Zero chased the ribbon as I was wrapping gifts. He was like a little kitten (well, he is a little kitten) pouncing on the ribbon.

I'm also thinking about the purrs he has given me this week. They seem endless.

But then I think about how my worry began yesterday.

In the morning I fed him his usual. Zero eats and eats. Even if he just ate, he will eat again.
No worries.

Later, just after 2pm, when I came home from work, I fed them again, per usual.

Zero has been getting extra treats, like a small bowl with a teaspoon of Fancy Feast with warm water added so I know he is getting enough fluids. Well, after eating his dry food, and then his wet treat, he went to visit the litter box and upon his return to the kitchen, he threw up his food.
All of it.
I felt so bad for the little guy and this set on my worrying about "is he loosing weight again?"

I'm crossing my fingers and toes that he just ate too fast and is still at the peak of his health for now. His
mood seems to be the same. He is purring as I write.

Merry Christmas everyone!
And Merry Christmas, Zero!

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  1. I'm always tiptoeing around possible cat puke. Trajan (the ageing Maine Coon) throws up if he eats dry cat food and then will throw up just because... He has a special powder supplement to try and stop the puke, but sometimes cats do just eat too fast. If Zero still seems happy in himself then just offer a little at a time and enjoy your time with him, the purring's telling something...