Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here we go again...

I just wanted to say how excited I am that the rescue story of Zero and Hana has made it to the well-known and respected Care2 website! Look here to see their story!

I was touched by how many people commented on the story and left kind words.

Last night, the night before I read that the story was published, my husband and I were, to no avail, trying to catch another kitten. I heard her (I'm only making a presumption that it's a girl) while I was jump roping and followed her sound. I waited for my husband to come home from work and help me catch her. We could see her, she was small and orange. I was thinking she could be the sister of Callie!

She was so fast.
We almost caught her 3 times, but after an hour and a half and with the time reaching midnight on a Monday, we had to surrender tot he fact that tonight was not our night. I left food for her and asked Pepper, a kitty we had spent 2 weeks trying to save from a deadly illness who was buried outside the apartment, to look after this kitty for the night. We would be back tomorrow.

I was worried about the road. There was some evidence that another cat had tried to cross the road behind our house and didn't make it. I wondered could this be her mommy?

Is that why she is crying so much?

Since we had begun trying to catch her she had somehow crossed the road.

One minute her cries were on our side of the street and we had almost grabbed her, then 5 minutes later we heard her cry from the other side of the street.
This was proving to be a "wild cat chase".

She continued to evade us by mere grasps until we had to turn in and admit defeat.

Even an old security man was looking for her with a flashlight.

Hopefully tonight will be the night!

Wish us luck!

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