Sunday, May 27, 2012

The beginning

Dinner and a movie plans were set. Black dress was on. The movie was an hour and a half away. But we would not make it.
On my husband's way home from work that Friday night he stumbled upon two very small kittens. Initially thinking it was just one kitten he called me to come out with a towel and help him catch it. I left the house with only my phone and found him not far from where we feed some outside cats. As I got close I noticed that there was an even smaller, all black kitten behind the gray tabby but it didn't seem to be moving. I moved to a better position to see them as my husband prepared to grab the two small, and seeminly wounded kittens. Once we had them in the towel in his arms, we realized that their eyes were not open, or in fact, they didn't seem to have eyes except for the tabby had one small blue eye. The dimunitive black kitten had a large mass covering one eye and it was evident that the other eye was missing. We rushed straight to our vet, just around the corner, who knows us very well, and had the kittens looked at.

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