Tuesday, May 29, 2012

After our first trip to the vet, the immediate trip to the vet, we took the babies home and kept them warm and fed and placed drops of antibiotics into the open wounds that were their eyes. Hana has been amazing and didn't cause any alarms to go off. We could tell she was a chubby, healthy and happy kitty, whereas Zero, he made us nervous. The vet had told us we had a 2 day window. If he made it past 2 days, we may be in the clear. What a fighter Zero is.

Zero not only ate like a beast, but he astonished us in the first day by eating on his own. Once the bowl of warm kitten milk replacement and baby kitten wet food was set in front of him, there was no stopping him. He took it all down.

We were ecstatic!

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